UUV. Huntington acquired Hydroid awarded a navy contract for the MK-18.


UUV. Huntington Ingalls Industries is America’s largest military shipbuilding company and a provider of professional services to partners in government and industry.

Huntington announced on march,26 that it has closed on the previously announced acquisition of Hydroid Inc., a leading provider of advanced marine robotics to the defense and maritime markets.

Previously Hydroid Inc. is awarded a $39,414,560 modification to previously-awarded firm-fixed price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract (N00174-19-D-0010) to exercise Option Year One for production support for the MK-18 Family of Systems – Unmanned Underwater Vehicle systems.

Work will be performed in Pocasset, Massachusetts, and is expected to be complete by April 2024.



Hydroid designs and manufactures state-of-the-art solutions for use in a number of applications including defense, marine research and commercial.

The company has over 15 years of experience providing the U.S. Navy and its allies with the most combat-proven UUVs in the world.

For intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance applications, Hydroid’s UUVs deliver sensors to sensitive areas, collecting data in all operational environments.

Their vehicles have also been involved with undersea mine countermeasures that have helped save lives.

Hydroid’s UUVs located Air France Flight 447 wreckage and generated 3D mapping of the Titanic.

And their vehicles offer scientists data relevant to climate change and other environmental issues.



UUV. Huntington adquired Hydroid awarded a navy contract for the MK-18.
UUV. Huntington acquired Hydroid awarded a navy contract for the MK-18.   In the photo a MK-18 MOD 2 Kingfish in the Task Group (CTG) 56.1.




AUVs dive to depths of up to 6,000 meters and explore shallow waters to hover in hazardous areas where navigation is difficult.

These unmanned marine vehicles have reduced the high costs of ocean exploration and sampling while increasing the availability of quality scientific marine data.

Remus his involved with undersea mine countermeasures have helped save lives by eliminating human divers from mine fields.

The vehicles also offer scientists a new view on pressing global issues including climate change, the world’s declining fish population and environmental disasters.



UUV. Huntington acquired Hydroid awarded a navy contract for the MK-18.
UUV. Huntington acquired Hydroid awarded a navy contract for the MK-18.   In the photo the launch a MK 18 MOD 2, Task Force 56, Arabian Gulf.




UUV. The extensive experience in the development of unmanned systems, makes Hydroid able to offer a wide range of solutions in the following fields:

Defense: Mine Countermeasure, Hydrography, Search Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR).

Marine Research: Marine Biology, Physical Oceanography, Environmental Monitoring Marine Geology/Investigation.

Commercial: Environmental Monitoring, Offshore (Oil & Gas), Hydrography, Search & Recovery.





UUV. The acquisition of Hydroid expands HII’s capabilities in the strategically important and rapidly growing autonomous and unmanned maritime systems market.

Hydroid will become part of HII’s Technical Solutions Unmanned Systems business unit that now includes unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) such as the Orca extra-large UUV that is produced in partnership with Boeing as well as Proteus, a large, dual-mode UUV operated out of Panama City, Florida.

With the addition of Hydroid, HII now has capabilities in the medium and small UUV space from the REMUS and Seaglider autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) or marine robots.


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