UGVSystem. Multiscope UGV from Milrem Robotics.


UGVSystem. Milrem AS, company based in Betooni 1, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia, has established in 2013 to provide  innovative robotic solution.

One of this products is the Multiscope UGV.

This unmanned ground vehicle combines know-how collected from extensive testing of the THeMIS during military exercises in harsh environments.

The UGV provides faster, cost-effective and flexible solutions for the commercial and government sector, including civil engineering, security and especially fire and rescue applications.

Multiscope is ideal for industries who wish to eliminate the physical risk to their workforce and want to benefit from automating processes.



Multiscope Family

The Multiscope Rescue Systems were designed to provide a durable and flexible platform with rescue specific Plug’n Play payloads for various rescue missions.

This modular platform is able to withstand harsh conditions and can reach areas that are difficult to reach with larger vehicles or too dangerous for firefighters and rescue services.

The functionality of the Multiscope can be modified onsite which widens the use of the platform.


UGVSystem. Multiscope UGV from Milrem Robotics.
    UGVSystem. Multiscope UGV from Milrem Robotics. Hydra System


Multiscope Rescue with Hydra

The platform is equipped with a modular foam and/or water monitor with a flowrate of 3000 LPM and is fully customizable.

The Multiscope Rescue with Hydra is designed to be used for industrial, warehouse, tunnel and wildfire extinguishing.

It has four pressurized water hose lines running behind it to ensure that it has enough water and/or for extinguishing.

This is a powerful set that works as an extension for firefighters to extinguish fires in areas that are dangerous or hard to access.


UGVSystem. Multiscope UGV from Milrem Robotics.
UGVSystem. Multiscope UGV from Milrem Robotics. Hose Cartridge


Multiscope Rescue Hose Cartridge

One of the most physically demanding and time-consuming tasks is laying out fire hoses to reach urban or rural areas that are inaccessible with main fire trucks or too dangerous for firefighters to enter.

The Multiscope Rescue Hose Cartridge will reach the problematic area considerably faster than a standard size firefighting team helping them start the extinguishing process much quicker.


UGVSystem. Multiscope UGV from Milrem Robotics.
UGVSystem. Multiscope UGV from Milrem Robotics. Rescue Transport


Multiscope Rescue Transport

Developed for the transport of critical supplies, equipment and teams the Rescue Transport is an ideal tool for post-operation logistics.

It can be utilized to pack up gear faster and with less manpower thus enabling firefighters to be ready faster for upcoming challenges.



Fire and rescue, forester and commercial version of this versatile product.

Modular, airborne, easy driving and robust design. Milrem has achieved a UGV excellently balanced in its cost effectiveness ratio.


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