MicroDrones. L’Armée de Terre Increase its NX70 Micro-Drones Fleet.


MicroDrones. Aix-en-Provence-based company Novadem has received a new order from the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) for 20 NX70 micro-drone systems and associated equipment (one system consists of two drones).

This order is in addition to the one placed at the end of 2018, bringing the total acquisition to more than 4Mn euros for equipment and multi-year maintenance.

In addition to drones, other peripheral equipment providing added value to the systems has been retained, such as «cable power to fly several hours continuously or even RVT (remote video terminal) which allows personnel on the ground to benefit from the video and cartographic feedback of the drone and thus share a global vision of the situation ”, specifies Pascal Zunino, President of Novadem.

This new acquisition will allow the French forces to be equipped with more than 100 NX70 micro-drones in total. The delivery of this new order was half delivered last month with a reception organized by the DGA on April 3.

These first systems will be immediately projected to the forces in external operations (OPEX) to join the NX70 drones already deployed.

The entire delivery of this new order will be effective before the end of this summer.


MicroDrones. L'Armée de Terre Increase its NX70 Micro-Drones Fleet.
  MicroDrones. L’Armée de Terre Increase its NX70 Micro-Drones Fleet. The NX70 Ground Station (Source: Novadem)


The NX70 «Block 2»

NX70 has evolved over the years and from RETEX users to arrive in its latest version, NX70 «Block 2».

A 1kg micro-drone, the NX70 has a flight range of up to 45 minutes and a range of up to 5 kilometers.

The NX70 can fly in difficult weather conditions (wind up to 65 km/h, rain, dust, higher temperature range) ensuring a high availability rate.

Its data links are encrypted and specific to military needs; no information is stored onboard the drone and no internet connection is required to operate the equipment, thus limiting any risk of compromise.

Beyond its day and night detection and recognition capabilities, the NX70 can be equipped with extended capabilities allowing it, for example, to perform observation missions lasting several hours thanks to its power supply device from the ground via a cable or to carry additional releasable devices such as a medical kit, smoke detector, etc.

Its hardened steering interface is compatible with formats for maps and coordinates in the defense sector.


MicroDrones. L'Armée de Terre Increase its NX70 Micro-Drones Fleet.
  MicroDrones. L’Armée de Terre Increase its NX70 Micro-Drones Fleet. The NX70 micro-UAV in Djibouti (French MoD)


Micro-Drones in L’Armée de Terre Operations

These micro-drones aim to provide various units of the French army with a means of «day observation and short-range hot spots during contact missions», according to the DGA call for tenders.

This segment is intended for a low-cost, maintenance-free product that can be considered to be lost in operation.

The Novadem NX70 drones already acquired by the Ministry of the Armed Forces are intended as a support micro-drones.

With superior performance in terms of autonomy, encrypted military link, DRI capabilities ( Detection Recognition Identification) day and night thanks to its high-resolution thermal camera.

«It is with great pride that we have received this additional order, further proof of the confidence that the French Armed Forces have in Novadem. The second generation of the NX70 meets the expectations of the ground forces in the difficult environment of the Sahel region. With the label «Combat proven» and the doubling of the fleet of NX70 deployed, we are taking a new step in our development which opens up promising prospects for us internationally », Pascal Zunino, President and co-founder of Novadem, stated.





MicroDrones. Exist an acceleration of the deployment of micro-drones in the defense sector and in particular the arrival of segmentation in the range of micro-drones in order to cover all of the armed forces’ needs.

With their high deployment capacity, light weight and all-time operability, systems based on micro drones have become a fundamental tool within the operational deployment of the armed forces.



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