quDron Urban Mobility

Urban Mobility has emerged as a full fledged field within smart cities with a strong propensity to include concepts and methods from other disciplines such as economics, engineering, environmental sciences and sociology. Because transportation systems are involved in a wide variety of scales and modes, from local public transit to global maritime shipping, the approach has a tendency to be partitioned. It is indeed difficult to reconcile perspectives such as pedestrian mobility issues related to land use or the selection of air cargo hubs. Multidisciplinary approaches remain at the core of urban mobility simply because its modes are at the same time independent but interconnected at different scales.

Taking into account the growth and business opportunities in the short, medium and long term, we have developed quMo (quDron urban mobility).

quMo is a product designed to develop urban mobility systems adapted to the structural, social and demographic needs of cities with more than 100,000 people.

quMo, integrates in a digital ecosystem personal transport systems, APPs and data, all flexible and adapted to each city.


quDron Data

The role of quDron Data is to enable business leaders to make decisions based on facts, trends and statistical numbers. But with so much information available, business leaders must be able to filter out the noise and get the right information, so they can make the best decisions about strategy and growth.and growth.

By using data effectively, a company is able to streamline the process of getting a product made and putting it in the hands of the customer. The costs savings from not paying too much for resources can have significantly affect a company’s bottom line profits.

Great business leaders use data effectively to make decisions. Our product is designed to create an eco system integrating sensors, software and data analysis


quDron Energy

Generate the strong, robust products and processes needed to help power the world with quDron Energy.

Today’s energy and commodities industries power and feed the world economy. The efficient and effective operation of these projects is vital to sustained energy growth and environmental support. By utilizing quDron Energy’s global services, businesses can design, develop, manufacture and run more successful and valuable products and processes.

quDron Energy’s range of energy expertise works to support clients operating in businesses as diverse as oil and gas, petroleum refining and distribution, petrochemicals, power generation, nuclear power, solar, biofuels, tidal, wave and wind power

We help producers, distributors and processors of these raw materials benefit from optimising their quality control, loss control and financial risk reduction. Products and processes are all enhanced by partnering with quDron Energy, leading to a more successful product and path for all involved.