Operational Excellence Through Customized Support

Services. Operations is the platform where strategies go live, costs are produced and revenues are earned. This is where management decisions are tested and where companies make it or fail.

Our Operations services provide quick results and added value.

They are tailored to your needs to integrate unmanned aerial, ground and maritime systems into the structure of your company.

Safety & Quality Management


Today’s unmanned systems operations require a reliable safety and quality management system in line with local and international standards.

Increasing requirements are forcing your organization to take a fresh look at strategies that bring safety and quality management efforts into the business framework of unmanned systems operations.

The current focus on risk management means having a clear and comprehensive picture of the overall risk in your organization.

We help you to direct your regulatory and safety efforts to areas which have the greatest benefit for your business success.

Services, Safety, risk and quality management are directly influenced by your corporate culture and local environment. Working in collaboration with your organization, we identify hazards and risks, and introduce measures to mitigate them.


      Benefits For The Clients


  • Improved efficiency through best practice safety and quality management.


  • Business approach to risk management.


  • Compliance with local and international standards in unmanned systems operations.

Maintenance Management


Unmanned Systems maintenance is one of the major levers that add to direct operating costs. There is no unique strategy to solve this problem.

Our customized solutions for Unmanned Systems maintenance and engineering operations can enhance your operational performance and improve cost efficiency.

In our company we carefully consider various influencing factors such as your business model, company strategy, local peculiarities and current capacity to develop tailored strategies.

Services and efficient organizational structures and processes efficiency enable you to increase value and promote growth in new markets.

Maintenance costs management and technical unmanned systems management lead to improved cost structures and competitiveness.

Our support in maintenance planning and predictive maintenance helps your organization to exploit state-of-the-art maintenance principles and increase unmanned systems availability.


      Benefits For The Clients


  • Reduction of direct maintenance costs.


  • Lowering turnaround times and increasing unmanned systems availability.


  • Reduction of unscheduled maintenance.

Urban Mobility & Logistics Consulting


Services Maximum efficiency and performance coupled with seamless logistics processes are crucial competitive factors which directly affect your profit and sustainability.

We optimize your company projects and developments to increase your operational efficiency.

Our business philosophy enable us to view the challenges from different angles: the customer’s, the operator’s and the developer’s.

Our platform enables us to create innovative solutions for shipping, logistics and supply chain providers and investors.

Assistance and collaboration ranging from product development, startup planning, implementation and unmanned systems capacity planning.

Your unmanned systems operations , present and future, benefit from streamlined processes, demand-oriented and cost-effective, state-of-the-art facilities, managed performance, motivated staff, satisfied customers and contented shareholders.


      Benefits For The Clients


  • Improved efficiency reduces costs and maximizes the area productivity.


  • Operational and commercial excellence improves your operation’s bottom line and competitiveness.


  • Seamless intermodal logistics processes increase customer satisfaction and give you the competitive edge.

Operations and Ground Handling

Optimized landside and airside processes allow a more flexible, efficient use of your resources and equipment in volatile market conditions.

Operational excellence in unmanned systems is an ongoing process in all organizations. We help you to find customer oriented solutions and to overcome capacity challenges.

How well have you trained your employees to manage irregular operations or a crisis?.

Being prepared to master complex situations creates a professional image and reduces negative effects on your organization and stakeholders.

Operational Readiness aims to avoid operational interruptions and ensure safe operations in control, surveillance and cargo environments.

Making the right operational decisions with the right stakeholder streamlines operations and reduces risks. Operations Control Centers (OCC) for unmanned systems, ground handlers or other stakeholders enable collaborative decision-making and support front line staff.


      Benefits For The Clients


  • Optimal resource deployment reduces operating costs.


  • Professional preparation ensures effective crisis management.


  • Improved ground handling performance and the unmanned systems centric operations satisfy objetives demands.


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