CameraDrone. Power Egg X Autonomous Personal AI Camera.


CameraDrones. PowerVision Group, headquartered  in Beijing, define themselves as a global technology leader focusing on UAV-related products and services including smart drones, data visualization and forecasting, virtual reality and augmented reality.

PowerVision has been released series of intelligent robot products including drones and multi-purpose consumer robots.

By its cutting edge technologies, PowerVision continuously increases the performance of their products. With Power Egg X has achieve an excellent develop between a IA Camera an a Drone.

PowerVision Group has offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Yangzhou, Silicon Valley, Boston, Helsinki, Frankfurt and Perth.



Egg X allows the user to choose between an AI camera fixed to a support for ground shots or transform into an aerial camera.

In IA Camera mode, Power Egg features strong face recognition capabilities. Its face recognition accuracy is continuously improved through deep learning training to follow the object when taking a photo or recording a video.

Additionally, the intelligent composition mode is available for general shots and selfies to improve the photography experience further.


CameraDrone. Power Egg X Autonomous Personal AI Camera.
                               CameraDrone. Power Egg X Autonomous Personal AI Camera.  Ground Mode.


PowerVision’s deep learning is built on non-identifiable global big data, which supports facial recognition and automatic composition to adapt to the features of different people.

It then delivers accurate, efficient, multi-angle, remote face recognition and subject lock-on.

Facial recognition will become increasingly intelligent and accurate through ongoing deep learning and official firmware upgrading.

CameraDrone. In Drone Mode, call PowerEgg X Wizard, the camera is a high-performance drone.It is suitable for highly dynamic aerial photography thanks to its 4K/60fps camera and triaxial mechanical gimbal.


CameraDrone. Power Egg X Autonomous Personal AI Camera.
                                CameraDrone. Power Egg X Autonomous Personal AI Camera.  Aerial Mode.


The user can control real-time 1080P image transmission within a distance of 6km(FCC).

It has a maximum wind speed resistance of 29-38 kph so that it can stably fly in coastal or windy conditions.

The PowerEgg X has a flight time of 30 minutes.

By installing waterproof accessories, the PowerEgg X can fly in rain and take off and land on water.

It performs well in the aerial photography of water sports and rescue investigations.




Dolphin is a other excellent products of PowerVision. Designed for dual use the ROV shoots an above-water scene or underwatter scene.

Equipped with a unique dual-joint rotating camera whose shooting angle is as wide as 132°, PowerDolphin can rotate to meet the above-water and underwater shooting demands, with the field of view ranging from -150° to +70° (the horizontal position is 0°, and when the camera rotates towards the underwater areas, the angle becomes negative), offering you a brand-new 220° shooting angle and visual experience.

PowerDolphin works with PowerSeeker and the path and track planning function of the Vision+2 App to automatically scan the specified waters and generate the underwater topographic map, to provide scientific accurate underwater information in a digital and visualized manner.

CameraDrone. Power Egg X Autonomous Personal AI Camera.
            CameraDrone. Power Dolphin designed for shoots an above-water scene or underwatter scene.












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